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#EuroWinnersCup: DTS Ede stomp past Sparta Dalesyzce

Photo credit: Lea Weil/beachsoccer.com

On the starting day of the women’s competition in Euro Winners Cup Catania 2016, DTS Ede ran riot against Sparta as they won the game with a whopping margin on 9-2 in a group A match played today.

The skills display of DTS Ede was so immaculous that Sparta Dalesyzce just couldn’t match their heat and succumbed to what could be called as a heart-breaking defeat.

Starting the match aggressively, the Dutch side were set on their way with goal strikes from Zech and Van der Schoor and that set tempo all through.

The opponents couldn’t make a single inroad until they were 0-4 down on the goal list after Van Dijk and Vermuelen had furthered the lead earned by Zech and Van Der Schoor.

Sparta got their first listing on the board when captain Komisarczyk’s free-kick found the bottom corner, which the DTS Ede ensured to have no impact on the results table.

Goals: 1-0: Zech, min. 9 (1st); 2-0: Van der Schoor, min. 7 (1st); 3-0: Van Dijk, min. 8 (2nd); 4-0: Vermuelen, min. 5 (2nd); 4-1: Komisarczyk, min. 3 (2nd); 5-1: Zech, min. 11 (3rd); 6-1: Houba, min. 8 (3rd); 7-1: De Bondt, min. 4 (3rd); 8-1: Vermuelen, min. 2 (3rd); 9-1: Van der Schoor, min. 2 (3rd); 9-2: Komisarczyk, min. 0 (3rd)

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